Plate Wire Hanger

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    Plate Wire Hanger

    The wire plate hanger, is designed to hold and hang plates, tiles and ceramics on the wall. 

    Suitable for items with a diameter or height between 9-46cm, 3.5"- 18"

    Available in White, Black or Brass finish.

    Protective Layer

    The wire is coated in a PVC plastic in White or Black, which acts as a protective layer between the wire and item.  The brass finish, has clear plastic tube at the end of each leg, to prevent any damage to the item.

    Suitable for items with the following sizes:

    • No.1 Wire: 9-13cm, 3.5"- 5"
    • No.2 Wire: 13-19cm, 5"- 7.5"
    • No.3 Wire: 19-25cm, 7.5"- 10"
    • No.4 Wire: 25-36cm, 10"- 14"
    • No.5 Wire: 36-46cm, 14"- 18"                   (Only white & black)

    Top Tip:
    For large heavy plates the No.5 wire may not be suitable on its own and a disc hanger should be used, as well as the hanger, to support the weight.  If the hanger does not grip tight enough, the bottom leg wires may need to be secured, by attaching a piece of wire or string, to stop them splaying apart.

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